About the City of York

Few cities have the magic or beauty of York. Founded some 2,000 years ago by the Romans, York survived the Viking invasion, became part of Anglo-Saxon England and was almost destroyed because of its resistance to Norman rule. The Middle Ages saw our City prosper once again only to be followed by the Reformation and Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1593 which was devastating. The Civil War brought further decline in its prosperity. The Georgian period saw a revival of the City and many Georgian buildings remain as a legacy.

York is now a thriving city surrounded by outstanding architecture unchanged for centuries. You can discover the City's heritage through the spellbinding museums and historic buildings, meander through the Medieval streets, explore the snickleways or enjoy the buskers and street theatre with actors, jugglers and musicians, or even take a birds eye view on the York Wheel.

Whenever you visit, you will experience the timeless beauty and history of of of England's most majestic cities.